Think before posting a picture online

    ‘5 Photos of Your Kids That You Shouldn’t Post to Social Media’,  a message from Yahoo Parenting Balancing the pleasure of sharing pictures with the inherent risks of online hacking. We have probably all heard by now that

Privacy Matters. Feel Like You’re Being Watched? Actually…

Guest post by Lance Goddard published in JD Supra. “Can a person remain anonymous in today’s surveillance society, with heat sensors, satellite tracking, biometric identification, traffic cameras, security monitoring, RFID tags and vehicle broadcast devices in place and expanding? When

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Why Should You Care About SOPA?

SOPA is the “Stop Online Piracy Act” that is going through the U.S. House of Representatives on a very fast track, likely thanks to supporters such as the entertainment industry.  (I don’t recommend including your file path in a document)